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ectronic Components

At Anphis, we focus on simplifying your acquisition processes, offering you a comprehensive solution for all your electronic component needs.

Background of electronic components, composed of a PCB board in corporate orange color


Our commercial department specializes in providing the complete set of electronic components you require for the manufacturing of your boards. With the experience and quality that characterizes us, we are here to offer you this essential service.


Anphis specializes in the manufacturing and procurement of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), offering tailored solutions for any requirement. We use advanced technology and efficient methods to locate and assemble components, even those that might be hard to find.


Our network of connections and expertise in the field allows us to identify and supply those components that, due to their obsolescence or complexity in location, may pose challenges in sourcing or cause technical interruptions in our clients' production.


Commitment to our customers is fundamental. Our main objective is to achieve our customers' complete satisfaction, offering products that meet their expectations and needs. We deeply value the trust and loyalty you place in us, and we strive every day to strengthen that relationship, ensuring that your experience with Anphis is exceptional in every way.


We strive to offer only the highest quality brands, ensuring that all our products comply with the strictest quality regulations and standards in the industry. Our commitment to quality guarantees that you are investing in components that not only meet but exceed market expectations.


At Anphis, we understand that effective communication is essential to offer unmatched service in the realm of electronic components. Therefore, our customer service team, experts in technology, is always available to address any inquiries you may have about our products and provide personalized solutions that meet your electronics needs.


Contact us, we will attend to any questions or needs you might have. From this form, or by writing to proyectos@anphis.es, you can get in touch with Anphis Servicios de Ingeniería y Tecnología Aplicada, S.L.