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Engineering, Technology, and IT in harmony: we forge tailored solutions for businesses and public entities.

Our goal is to simplify, innovate and prosper with our customers. We solve complex challenges, transforming energy and process efficiency into real profitability.

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Anphis will implement the Census of Empty Homes in l'Urgell in a GIS environment.

🏆 Awarded the contract to carry out the Management of the Empty Housing Census in GIS environment in the framework of the urban regeneration project of the municipalities of l'Urgell (Lérida), promoted by the Consell Comarcal del Pla d'Urgell! 🏘️

The aim of the project is to implement a system of sharing, synchronisation and collaborative editing of georeferenced databases for the management of the Census, using GIS software deployed on virtual servers.

A geographic information system (GIS) is an environment for collecting, managing and analysing data. Rooted in the science of geography, GIS integrates many types of data, analyses spatial location and organises layers of information into visualisations using maps and 3D scenes. 🌍🗺️📊

Project highlights:

- Advanced GIS System: around 100 layers and more than 50 thematic maps, accessible through a web map viewer. 📌🗺️

- Accessibility and Collaboration: The Oficina d'Habitatge and local councils will be able to consult and edit data from their respective locations, facilitating collaborative management. 💻🤝

- Automatic updating of the data file for all users, guaranteeing information that is always up to date. 🔄📅

- Cartographic Base: We will work with the cadastral WMS (Web Map Service) base and the ICGC (Institut Cartogràfic i Geològic de Catalunya) WMS, ensuring accuracy and reliability in the geographic data. 📐

- Intuitive Interface: Each plot will be provided with an editable pop-up window with detailed data and photographs of the property, improving usability and decision making. 🏠📷

This project will allow us to carry out actions and activities that promote the economic development of l'Urgell, in line with the work of Promoció Econòmica Consell Comarcal de l'Urgell.

At Anphis, we remain committed to technological innovation and excellence in our services, contributing to the sustainable and efficient development of our cities. 🌿🏙️

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Chatbot for Calpe: Preview and Features

📢 Advancing in the project of the Virtual Assistant (ChatBot) for Calpe Town Hall 💬.

The development of the new virtual assistant for the tourist website of Calpe Town Hall, which we talked about in a previous post, is progressing at a good pace. Some of the features to highlight:

🔍 It uses natural language processing (NLP) instead of rigid decision trees, allowing flexible and accurate understanding and response.

🌐 Handles both general and specific context, facilitating its adaptation to other future contexts and improving the user experience.

📈 It is scalable, allowing for growth as needed. Its model can be updated and trained with various sources of information, managed from an intuitive control panel.

🛠️ Facilitates updating by administrators, ensuring information is always recent and relevant.

This project will not only improve the visitor experience in Calpe, but will also serve as a model for other implementations in municipalities interested in promoting tourism and local commerce.

🚀 Its adaptable design and customisability make it ideal for any website or business that needs a virtual assistant, from customer service to technical support and e-commerce.

We are proud to contribute to this exciting project and look forward to continuing to innovate to improve local and business services.

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Anphis migrates SAREB's platform to Azure App Service

🏆 Awarded the development service for the migration from the current App Service Windows platform to Azure App Service WordPress LINUX for Sociedad de Gestión de Activos procedentes de la Reestructuración Bancaria (SAREB)!

SAREB, created in 2012, manages assets transferred by the financial institutions most affected by the 📉 2008 crisis. With 50.14% state-owned and the rest in private hands, its mission is to promote affordable housing and new asset management practices with positive impact.

The objective is to migrate SAREB's intranet and corporate website to the latest version of WordPress on Azure App Service (Linux). The key advantages of this migration include:

1. Scalability and high availability. 📈

2. Reduced operational costs. 💰

3. Improved security and regulatory compliance. 🔒

4. Flexibility in infrastructure management. 🔄

5. Optimisation of performance and loading speed. ⚡

6. Easier maintenance and upgrades. 🛠️

7. Integration with DevOps tools for efficient software lifecycle management. 🔗

These features will enable an efficient and secure transition, improving application management and performance.

One more contract added to other software development projects 💻 that we are carrying out, consolidating our position as a provider of all types of technological solutions.

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Anphis analyses part of the air-conditioning system of the Andalusian Parliament

🏆 Awarded the contract to write a technical report on the state of conservation and operation of a series of air conditioning equipment of the Parliament of Andalusia!

📍 This week we are in Seville, visiting the Plenary Hall and other committee and multi-purpose rooms, as well as the facilities that house the air treatment units responsible for air conditioning, given that we must analyze the current conditions of conservation, performance and possible improvements.

🏛️ The headquarters of the Parliament of Andalusia is located in the old Hospital de las Cinco Llagas, one of the most significant buildings of Spanish architecture of the 16th century whose construction began in 1546.

🛠️ In 1986, after being ceded by the Diputación de Sevilla, it undergoes intense reforms and the first projects are elaborated. The church was adapted as a Plenary Hall and the surrounding infirmaries as a library, multi-purpose room and committee rooms.

⏳ More than 30 years have passed since the current air conditioning equipment was installed.

📊 We will carry out a detailed evaluation of the current operating conditions using a variety of measuring equipment with state-of-the-art technology.

📸 We share some pictures of the visit made.

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Anphis powers Socage's digital transformation

Today we want to talk about Socage, our most international client, based in 📍 Carpi (Italy), with more than forty years of experience and operations on five continents. Their main activity is the manufacture and sale of aerial platforms for trucks, and in this process we help them to improve their efficiency and use of resources. 📈

Socage together with one of its main subsidiaries: Socage Ibérica S.L. (which has spearheaded part of the brand's digital transition) has provided us with the necessary guidelines to carry out the development of two software tools:

⚙ Socage360. It digitalises the production process, facilitating communication and internal standardisation of procedures. 📋

💻 Socage Designer. An application for use by the brand's sales staff that allows them to make offers 💹 from anywhere, based on the updated catalogue of the factory and its subsidiaries.

Both tools not only represent a breakthrough in terms of digital technology in the aerial platform manufacturing industry, but also position Socage as a leader in innovation within its sector.

📊 What impact do you think the integration of data into tools like Socage360 could have on agility and strategic decision making in your company?

Anphis will develop an app for the management of inspections in the stores of Barcelona for SIRESA


On this occasion, the client is SIRESA (Integral Solutions for Waste), one of the three companies that make up GRUP TERSA. This new tool that we will develop will facilitate their work in the services they offer related to waste management 🚮 in Barcelona.

We are very happy to work with them because their company's mission is in line with ours. They offer environmental services 🌱 related to the circular economy, waste recovery, the generation and commercialization of renewable energies and the promotion of citizen commitment to sustainability. ♻

This contract represents another milestone in our software development 💻 in the Commerce sector. One more step on the way to providing City Councils 🏛 with a comprehensive management platform with which to optimize their procedures and relationships with their businesses and industry; promoting digitalization and the use of new technologies by citizens 🖱 and making communication 💬 simpler, more effective and efficient.

We will tell you more about this tool soon! 🔋

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Anphis assists to the presentation of results of the Urban Sandbox of Alcoi

🗓️ Last Tuesday we visited Alcoi again. This time, we were invited to participate in the conference titled: "The Alcoy Urban Sandbox: potential for innovative agents in the municipality and the territory". 💡

🔍 It is one of the first Sandboxes in terms of urban innovation at the national level. A project that has allowed the city to be adapted to transform it into a test laboratory 🛠️ for innovation in which Anphis will work, and for which it has already begun the procedures for joining the Framework Agreement. We will tell you the objective later!

The Alcoy City Council is clearly committed to innovation, trying to generate synergies between the city and companies 🤝, creating this type of initiative and building new spaces 🔗, such as the Fundició technology park, which we visited again and in which we hope to be established from the first moment it opens its doors.

📸 We leave you some pictures of the day.

🙏 Thank all the technicians of the City Council and speakers for the attention received and the interesting event they organized.

We will be back soon!

Anphis Develops Tourism Chatbot for Calpe City Council

🏆 Contract awarded to carry out the organization, coordination, execution and implementation of a virtual/conversational assistant 💬 (Chatbot) on the tourist website of the Calpe City Council!

💡 Our approach will focus on innovation, usability and personalization, ensuring that the Chatbot is not only functional and efficient, but also friendly and attractive to all users.

For us, this is another contract in line with software development 💻 in the tourism sector. The work experience acquired with the Commerce and Industry areas of other municipalities will allow us to develop the Chatbot under the approach of promoting and transforming tourism and local commerce; current needs of the vast majority of municipalities in our country.

Anphis Welcomes New Energy Engineer

We are expanding the Engineering team! Josep is already working with us, collaborating on some of the energy rehabilitation projects we are carrying out. ✍

He graduated in Energy Engineering from the UPV and has experience in innovative projects such as Azalea UPV. He will contribute his knowledge to all types of installation and energy efficiency projects. 🌱

His vision, in line with that of the rest of the developers 💻 and engineers 📐 of the team, make Anphis a distinctive company that is giving good results.

Let's keep going!

Anphis adds new web developer

Good news at Anphis! 🚀

We are happy to share that we have welcomed 🤝 a new member to our team. With experience in Web Application Development 💻 and knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data 💡, Fernando arrives at a key moment for us.

As Anphis continues to grow and take on new challenges ⬆️, it is essential to strengthen our team 👥 not only to keep pace but to surpass it. This strategy allows us to adapt quickly ⚙️ and prepare for larger projects that are already on the way.

Fernando will bring new perspectives and skills ✨ to our team, key aspects to sustain the stage of growth we are experiencing.

Anphis Expands Services and Reach

🚀 We're starting the year with more projects, more experience, and more sectors!

🔁 Although we haven't stopped, finishing contracts that continue with a full stop and a new paragraph.

🌐 We have also opened the way in other areas, carrying out, among others, such unique services as indoor environmental quality measurement, or the manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

💻 We continue to develop AI-based software and other customized projects for our clients.

🔧 Soon we want to "get up from our chairs" and go out to install and start up our own solutions.

🏭 In addition, the Industry and Commerce Platform that we announced a few months ago will soon be operational in the city of Alcoi.

We continue!

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Anphis Relocates Within Technology Park

📢 We've moved our headquarters, but we're still in the Technology Park! 📍 You can now find us at the Destro Business Center. We've been telling you that the Anphis team has grown rapidly, and this office move will allow us to continue doing so. 📈🗓️ Closing this first half of the year, looking forward to starting 2024. Thank you for following us. Let's keep going! 💪

Anphis Welcomes New Web Developer

Personnel Expansion at Anphis! 🚀🌟

🎉 We are thrilled to announce that Francesc has joined our dynamic team. 🖥️ With his training in Web Application Development, along with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data 📊, he will help us further propel our projects.

📈 At Anphis, we are experiencing a period of rapid and sustained growth. The incorporation of Francesc reflects our commitment to innovation 🚀 and technological excellence 💡. We are sure that he will be a key player in this expansion phase.

🤝 Welcome aboard, Francesc! We are eager to see the new dimensions you will bring to our team in this exciting period of growth.

Anphis will evaluate 263 energy audits for the Generalitat de Catalunya

🏆 Awarded the contract to carry out the "Audit Control Service for a sample of Energy Audits registered by large companies in Catalonia during 2022"!

This control work gives us the opportunity to be part of the 2023 Energy Audit Inspection Plan for large companies in Catalonia (PLAUDENCAT-2023).

Given the timeframe we have for the development of the contract, we will apply our computer knowledge 💻 to optimize the process of application, review, and reporting to the audited company 📊, as well as the continuous presentation of results 📈 to the Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Ahead, 263 Energy Audit reviews! We are already working on it. 💪

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Anphis visits the future technology park in Alcoi, 'La Fundició Rodes'.

📆 Last Friday we visited the future technological park of Alcoi: La Fundició Rodes, which will also be a leading socio-cultural and educational space that will contribute to the development of innovation in the Valencian Community.

🏢 The complex, with more than 11,000 m2 and whose buildings date back to the beginning of the 20th century, housed one of the most important metallurgical industries in the city.

🌐 The creation of this technological space will allow the promotion of interrelationships between companies in the industry and technology, betting on digitalization, artificial intelligence and robotics, also promoting the development of tourism.

🌱 From Anphis, we hope to be able to soon be part of the ecosystem that they are preparing in Alcoi, in line with the work we are already doing for the city.

🙏 Thanks to Fundició for the invitation!

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Modbus Security: Challenges & Solutions

🔐 Modbus: Challenging its Security Limitations 🔐

Modbus is one of the oldest and most widely used communication protocols in the industry. However, its initial design did not include robust security measures, making it susceptible to various vulnerabilities.

🔍 Curiosities:

➕ Modbus was created in 1979.

➕ Originally designed for serial communications, now widely adopted for TCP/IP.

➕ It does not have native authentication, encryption, or message integrity.

✨ Strategies to strengthen security:

✔️ Secure gateways - Convert Modbus to more secure protocols like Modbus/TCP.

✔️ Industrial firewalls - Filter and block unauthorized traffic.

✔️ Isolate and Separate - Keep Modbus devices on separate networks to limit exposure to threats.

🔐 Security is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Keeping your systems updated and protected is essential to ensure the integrity and reliability of your operations. In addition, proper risk assessment and adapting security solutions are key to meeting the unique demands of each infrastructure. 🛡️💼

🔗 Stay informed. Prevention is the first step towards robust security!

Anphis Team Grows with New Developer

We are delighted to announce that our team is growing! 🚀 This week Raúl, a young full-stack developer who will surely make a significant contribution to our projects, joins us.

Raúl was trained at Campus Cámara FP (Centro de Formación Profesional de Cámara Valencia) with whom we have a collaboration agreement. 📚🤝 We would like to thank Andrea for her closeness in this hiring process.

We continue to expand our team, if you think your profile may be interesting, apply in the "work with us" section of our website.

Let's keep going!

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Aerothermal Energy: Efficient Heating & Cooling

🌬️ Exploring Aerothermal Energy: Your Step Towards Energy Efficiency 🌬️

Aerothermal energy is a technology that captures energy from the air to efficiently supply heating, cooling, and hot water. 🌿💨

Different from air conditioning, aerothermal energy is designed to be highly efficient in a wider range of environmental conditions, making the most of the energy from the outside air to provide heating, cooling, and hot water in a sustainable way. ❄️🔄

When is it recommended?

✔️ Temperate Zones: Ideal in places with moderate temperatures where performance is optimal. 🌡️

✔️ New Constructions: Perfect if you are in the design or construction phase, it allows for harmonious and efficient integration. 🏗️

✔️ Ecological Renovations: If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, it is an excellent alternative. 🌱

When is it not recommended?

✖️ Extremely Cold Zones: Its efficiency decreases with very low temperatures. ❄️

✖️ Old Buildings: It may require structural modifications that are not always feasible. 🏚️

Aerothermal energy is more than a trend; it is a step towards an energy-efficient future. If you are looking for ecological and cost-effective solutions, aerothermal energy could be your answer. 🌎💡

Hector Joins Anphis Team

We have great news to share! We welcome Héctor to our team! We are thrilled to have him with us and we are sure he will do amazing things here. Welcome! 🎉👋

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Anphis will develop a platform for Alcoi's trade and industry

Contract awarded to carry out the design, development and implementation services of the Industry and Commerce platform within the framework of the Alcoi Smart City project! 🏙We are already working on the design of the website 💻 that will bring together in one place the 4 key sectors that make up the business fabric of Alcoi: commerce, hospitality, industry and services.This space will serve as a virtual meeting point for citizens and will allow entrepreneurs to advertise some of their most interesting products or services. In addition, it will implement a direct communication channel 💬 via WhatsApp 📲 between the Administration and companies; and many more features.At the Alcoi City Council, they are one step ahead in terms of innovation 💡 and the use of new technologies, and at Anphis we are prepared to face these types of challenges.We will keep you informed of the peculiarities of the project and how our team works!

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Understanding Thermal Cameras and Apparent Temperature

🌡️ Fun Facts about Thermal Cameras 🌡️ Have you ever wondered if the cameras that measure heat show us the actual temperature? In many cases, they offer us an "apparent temperature."🤔 What is 'Apparent Temperature'?The "apparent temperature" is a measurement calculated from the intensity of thermal radiation W captured by the camera.Using the Stefan-Boltzmann law, we can relate this intensity to a temperature in Kelvin degrees T using the formula W = σ·T^4. But here comes the complexity: the camera not only captures the radiation emitted by the object but also the radiation reflected by other nearby objects. Therefore, the "apparent temperature" is a calculated value that tries to adjust to the real temperature but can be influenced by several factors, such as the environment and the properties of the object.🔍 Why is it important?If you are using a thermal camera to evaluate, for example, the energy efficiency of your home, understanding this will help you interpret the results more accurately. Therefore, it is crucial that before using a thermal camera, you learn about the material and conditions of the object you are going to measure to obtain more accurate data.

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Unlocking Business Insights with Big Data

📊💡 Big Data: Transforming the mountain of data into a valuable resource for strategic decisions.

In the age of information, the value of data is unquestionable. According to Forbes magazine, in 2020 less than 2% of the data generated was analyzed and used for decision-making.

Big Data is not just about collecting data, but about transforming it into actionable knowledge. When properly leveraged, Big Data can be a valuable resource for companies' strategic decisions.

✅ Identify market trends.

✅ Understand consumer behavior.

✅ Optimize the supply chain.

✅ Improve operational efficiency.

In short, Big Data allows you to make more informed and agile decisions, which translates into higher performance and a sustainable competitive advantage.

The key is to apply the right analysis and visualization tools to extract those valuable insights from the mountain of data we generate every day.

Are you ready to discover the value in your data? 🌟📈

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Energy Audits for Business

🔌💡 Energy Audits: Uncovering Hidden Savings and Efficiency Opportunities 🌍🌱

Did you know that an energy audit can be the key to uncovering savings and efficiency opportunities in your company? 🧐

🔍 In an energy audit, we analyze every aspect of your energy consumption, from lighting to heating, and provide you with a detailed report on where and how you can save energy and money.

Why is it so important? 🤔

✅ We identify areas of inefficiency in your facilities.

✅ We provide specific recommendations to improve energy efficiency.

✅ We contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and a more sustainable future.

And the benefits? 🌟

📉 Reduction of operating costs.

💼 Increased competitiveness.

🔄 Optimization of your resources and processes.

Did you know that Royal Decree 56/2016 requires large companies to carry out energy audits every four years? But energy auditing is not just a legal requirement, but a valuable tool to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business. 🚀

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Customized Tech Solutions for Your Business

✨ At Anphis, we understand that every business is unique, with its own challenges and objectives. That's why we are dedicated to deeply understanding your needs to design tailored technological solutions that perfectly align with your vision.

🎯 Our experience and commitment to innovation allow us to transform your challenges into opportunities, enabling your business to grow and thrive in a world of constant technological transformation.

🤝 We work hand in hand with you, adapting our solutions as your business evolves, ensuring you always stay ahead of the curve.

🔗 Discover more on our website.

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Welcome to Anphis - Engineering & Technology Services

📢 Welcome to Anphis! 🚀

We are specialists in Engineering and Technology. We transform your ideas into feasible projects and modernize your operations for a more sustainable and efficient future.

Visit us at www.anphis.es!

📍 You can find us at: Parque Tecnológico, Avenida Juan de la Cierva 10 1º Despacho 7, Paterna 46980 Valencia.

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