Aerothermal Energy: Efficient Heating & Cooling

🌬️ Exploring Aerothermal Energy: Your Step Towards Energy Efficiency 🌬️

Aerothermal energy is a technology that captures energy from the air to efficiently supply heating, cooling, and hot water. 🌿💨

Different from air conditioning, aerothermal energy is designed to be highly efficient in a wider range of environmental conditions, making the most of the energy from the outside air to provide heating, cooling, and hot water in a sustainable way. ❄️🔄

When is it recommended?

✔️ Temperate Zones: Ideal in places with moderate temperatures where performance is optimal. 🌡️

✔️ New Constructions: Perfect if you are in the design or construction phase, it allows for harmonious and efficient integration. 🏗️

✔️ Ecological Renovations: If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, it is an excellent alternative. 🌱

When is it not recommended?

✖️ Extremely Cold Zones: Its efficiency decreases with very low temperatures. ❄️

✖️ Old Buildings: It may require structural modifications that are not always feasible. 🏚️

Aerothermal energy is more than a trend; it is a step towards an energy-efficient future. If you are looking for ecological and cost-effective solutions, aerothermal energy could be your answer. 🌎💡

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