Anphis expands its development team

We continue to grow in Anphis! 🎉

After three months of internship in the Web Application Development course, Víctor Hérnandez Carramolino joins our team of developers, which already has six people!

Víctor got the first scholarship we offered in Anphis and we are really satisfied with the work he has done, using different development frameworks such as Next.js or React.js. 💻🔍

He was trained in Campus Cámara FP and from here we want to thank the proximity and the work of advice they have done from this centre of Vocational Training. We will continue to employ young people in that first stage of work, betting on emerging talent. 🎓✨

After our first year of work, Anphis is proud to have a strong team of programmers and engineers, and we continue to grow steadily. 🚀🔧

Thank you all for the support, we continue with more innovation and development! 💪

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