Anphis migrates SAREB's platform to Azure App Service

🏆 Awarded the development service for the migration from the current App Service Windows platform to Azure App Service WordPress LINUX for Sociedad de Gestión de Activos procedentes de la Reestructuración Bancaria (SAREB)!

SAREB, created in 2012, manages assets transferred by the financial institutions most affected by the 📉 2008 crisis. With 50.14% state-owned and the rest in private hands, its mission is to promote affordable housing and new asset management practices with positive impact.

The objective is to migrate SAREB's intranet and corporate website to the latest version of WordPress on Azure App Service (Linux). The key advantages of this migration include:

1. Scalability and high availability. 📈

2. Reduced operational costs. 💰

3. Improved security and regulatory compliance. 🔒

4. Flexibility in infrastructure management. 🔄

5. Optimisation of performance and loading speed. ⚡

6. Easier maintenance and upgrades. 🛠️

7. Integration with DevOps tools for efficient software lifecycle management. 🔗

These features will enable an efficient and secure transition, improving application management and performance.

One more contract added to other software development projects 💻 that we are carrying out, consolidating our position as a provider of all types of technological solutions.

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