Chatbot for Calpe: Preview and Features

📢 Advancing in the project of the Virtual Assistant (ChatBot) for Calpe Town Hall 💬.

The development of the new virtual assistant for the tourist website of Calpe Town Hall, which we talked about in a previous post, is progressing at a good pace. Some of the features to highlight:

🔍 It uses natural language processing (NLP) instead of rigid decision trees, allowing flexible and accurate understanding and response.

🌐 Handles both general and specific context, facilitating its adaptation to other future contexts and improving the user experience.

📈 It is scalable, allowing for growth as needed. Its model can be updated and trained with various sources of information, managed from an intuitive control panel.

🛠️ Facilitates updating by administrators, ensuring information is always recent and relevant.

This project will not only improve the visitor experience in Calpe, but will also serve as a model for other implementations in municipalities interested in promoting tourism and local commerce.

🚀 Its adaptable design and customisability make it ideal for any website or business that needs a virtual assistant, from customer service to technical support and e-commerce.

We are proud to contribute to this exciting project and look forward to continuing to innovate to improve local and business services.

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