Understanding Thermal Cameras and Apparent Temperature

🌡️ Fun Facts about Thermal Cameras 🌡️ Have you ever wondered if the cameras that measure heat show us the actual temperature? In many cases, they offer us an "apparent temperature."🤔 What is 'Apparent Temperature'?The "apparent temperature" is a measurement calculated from the intensity of thermal radiation W captured by the camera.Using the Stefan-Boltzmann law, we can relate this intensity to a temperature in Kelvin degrees T using the formula W = σ·T^4. But here comes the complexity: the camera not only captures the radiation emitted by the object but also the radiation reflected by other nearby objects. Therefore, the "apparent temperature" is a calculated value that tries to adjust to the real temperature but can be influenced by several factors, such as the environment and the properties of the object.🔍 Why is it important?If you are using a thermal camera to evaluate, for example, the energy efficiency of your home, understanding this will help you interpret the results more accurately. Therefore, it is crucial that before using a thermal camera, you learn about the material and conditions of the object you are going to measure to obtain more accurate data.

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